Mining Power Group will own subsidiary companies that provide products and services to the blockchain industry, including the operation of data centers to provide low-cost hosting services to cryptocurrency miners from around the world. Each MPG data center will have the capacity to host thousands of cryptomining machines at a highly efficient cost to the miners.

Since crypto mining requires specialized high performance hardware housed in secure data centers and is an extremely intense activity that consumes both increasing electric power and computing capacity over time, it can be quite costly. Moreover, the cost of the electricity alone can be quite substantial. Overall, Mining Power Group’s strategy is to provide data center hosting facilities that will provide substantial savings to the third parties that house their hardware with us while providing a secure, heat-controlled environment for the machines. One of the bigger savings will be the reduced cost of electricity that the Company will be able to provide by negotiated power company contracts.

Mining Power Group sees and understands the need in the marketplace and intends to be at the forefront of providing an inexpensive way for individual crypto mining companies to survive and thrive.

Separately, The Company plans to also invest in the development of proprietary cryptomining hardware and software which will be sold to miners in multiple countries.

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